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Some example solutions

These are some examples of possible solutions. However, at getWEBpresence we try to be flexible so if none of these suits your requirements, email us and we will send you a quote.

Please note that domain names from different top level domains (e.g. .uk, .com, .au) have different costs, so the final cost of the solution may be affected by your choice. See our domains section for more detail.

Please also note that the cost of initial data entry will depend upon how much data you have. If you choose to do it yourself, this cost is clearly removed.

Quick and easy package Cost
Up to 4 pages of fixed data £220.00
Basic hosting (per year) £15.00
One off set-up cost £0.00
Domain name (per year) (approx) £5.00
Simple CMS Cost
Up to 10 pages of initial data £350.00
Simple CMS £40.00
CMS hosting £20.00
Initial set-up cost £0.00
Domain name (e.g. .uk) (approx) £5.00
Data-driven site Cost
Up to 10 pages of initial data £450.00
Bespoke database (from) £80.00
Database hosting £50.00
Inital set-up cost £0.00
Data Entry (from) £50.00
Domain name (e.g. .uk) (approx) £5.00