The getWEBpresence guide to setting up a new web site

The structure of a website

or ... What you need to do to Get Web Presence.

A web site effectively consists of three main parts:

  • The site itself

    The bit that the world sees. This consists of many elements in itself.

    a small representation of a web site - in fact the home page of getWEBpresence
  • The hosting

    Your site needs to be stored on a special computer somewhere called a server.

    a representation of a server
  • The domain name

    You need an address that people can type in to get to your site.

    a small representation of a domain name - in fact the address got getWEBpresence in a browser address bar

How to get the parts you need.

At getWEBpresence we don't believe in the "hard sell". We like to give you all of the information you need and let you decide for yourself what you wish to buy from us.

We can provide you with any or all of the above parts. If you want all three then you may be better off buying a Complete Solution from us, but we can sell you just a domain name, some hosting, a web site or combinations of those three.

Why would you want to buy a complete solution containing all three parts?

Cost and convenience

We try to offer a cost effective solution when you buy all three parts from us. You will also find it more convenient if you have all your parts with us. For example, suppose you buy some hosting for a simple site, but later decide that you need a more complex site. If your hosting is with getWEBpresence we can easily upgrade your site to suitable hosting. Other hosts may not make this option easily available.


For complete solutions we can very easily arrange to get your hosting renewal payment synchronised with that of your primary domain so you can be certain that you will only need to worry about paying once a year. Please note that it is not possible to synchronise renewal dates for any domain names that are bought at different times to your primary one.